4Hobos Entertainment
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Also Known As 4Hobos


Internet Production Company Founded by NinjaSoulReaperKing & Sir Hobo

Notable Productions

4Hobos' Pokemon Abridged


Company Website
Youtube Channel

4Hobos Entertainment is an Internet Production Company Founded by NinjaSoulReaperKing & Sir Hobo. The staff includes NSRK, Sir Hobo, along with one honourary member JCWho999, he voiced Cantonese Warrior in Pokemon Abridged 4 & Pokemon Abridged Christmas Special 2008. NSRK has stated he does other projects but he hardly posts any of them.


4Hobos' Pokemon Abridged

Info: An abridged parody of the 4Kids Version of the Anime Pokemon.

Vintage: January 3, 2008 - Ongoing

Newest Release: Pokemon Abridged 10: Old people are Awesome!

Ball Thrusters

Release: July 24, 2009

Info: A collaboration of scenes from Pokemon to go along with the CardCaptors English Dubbed Opening Theme.

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