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4th Wall Productions


Ryuzaki_Sama, 69Jack69, Lobie-Kun, JordanNarutoFan123


Devil May Cry: The Abridged Mini-Series
Bleach: The Abridged Series

Youtube Account

4th Wall Productions is a small abridging group from Wales who focus on abridging Bleach and overlooked animes. The members are Ryuzaki_Sama (Voice actor, co-writer, video editor), 69Jack69 (Voice actor), Lobie_Kun (Writer, sound effects) and JordanNarutoFan123 (Voice actor).

Series and rolesEdit

Devil May Cry: The Abridged Mini-SeriesEdit

  • Created by Ryuzaki-Sama & Lobie_Kun
  • Scripted by Ryuzaki_Sama (Episode 1 - 2), Lobie_Kun (Episode 3 - Current (3))


  • Dante - Ryuzaki_Sama
  • Patty - 69Jack69 (Episode 1), Ryuzaki_Sama (Episode 2 - Current (3))
  • Lady - Ryuzaki_Sama
  • Morrison - *JordanNarutoFan123)
  • Minor characters - 4th Wall Productions

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