6teen Abridged Episode 4 Do You Even Pokemon? (Part 1)06:26

6teen Abridged Episode 4 Do You Even Pokemon? (Part 1)

The SeriesEdit

6teen Abridged is a spoof version of the original show that aired on Teletoon. It runs on YouTube on the "JaianMusic" Channel. 6teen Abridged is produced by Jaian Mascotto aka JaianMusic and also Kalpal and Jeyzus. Together they create the series. JaianMusic mans most of the series creating all of the script, voicing characters and editing all of the show. The content in 6teen Abridged Series is not for all ages here is the teams statement:

Parents Strongly Cautioned. Some Material May Be Inappropriate For Children Under 13. Statement: 6teen Abridged is a spoof of the 

6teen Abridged





July 5th 2013 - Retired



original show. At times, the content may reveal offensive material that the creators of the show do not condone. Views or opinions expressed by the characters of the Abridged Series are only made to be humorous and do not represent the creators of the show and anyone involved in any way shape or form. Viewer discretion is advised. We hope you enjoy.

The 6teen Abridged Team. 

6teen abridged comic -1 fb

  6teen Abridged was retired in early 2014.


6teen Abridged began to blossom in summer of 2013. All of the creators of the series were very big other abridge series. 

The first episode, "Mall Trolled", was posted in the summer of 2013 on the "JaianMusic" channel. After the first few episodes the team learnt newer a stronger episodes technique such as better lip syncing. 

When the first episode was completed, It very quickly got positive feedback and the channel gained 100 new subscribers and a 100 likes on their Facebook Page. 

After the posting of Episode 2 "Why Little Wayne Why?" JaianMusic and Jeyzus decided to have more fun with the episodes and start jokingly argue with one another and included in the episode. This episode was posted on the "JaianMusic" channel and created the 6teen Abridged YouTube playlist. 

When scripting to Episode 3 "Hey It's Caitlin" began JaianMusic began live scripting, voicing and scripting on his TwitchTV channel. "Hey It's Caitlin" featured the very first bonus scene in 6teen Abridged history.

Episode #4 "Do You Even Pokemon?" included a scene where Jonesy and Ron the mall cop sing the Pokemon Theme Song.

6teen Abridged has taken a back seat in JaianMusic's projects since episode #4 and this created the birth of a new and fourth member very familiar to abridging and her tasks is to focus on the scripting of the show. 


Jeyzus - Jude, Trisha, Nikki, The Twins, Coach Halder

JaianMusic - Wyatt, Caitlin, Ron (Mall Cop), The Narrator, Serena

KalPal - Jen, Jonesy

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