This is a Template that Chaossy is working on for Seasons of Abridged Serieses. It has been locked to prevent vandilism, if you have a suggestion please leave it on the talk page.

Abridged Series Season 0

Season Number:


Series Created By:


Episodes in Season:



(This includes a overview of the season)

Episode List

  • Episode 1 Title(Article) - Link
  • Episode 2 Title(Article) - Link

(The list can go down until the number of episodes you put in your infobox are met.)

Cast & Crew


  • Chaossy - Slim Shady, TacoHead
  • Mattroks101 - The Boss


  • Director - Chaossy
  • Writer - Chaossy
  • Video Editor - Mattroks101


  • TacoHead is The Boss's husband.
  • Slim Shady hates people that tries to rap his songs.

(Replace the text with the text you want)

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