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The Wiki that covers all of the abridged universe that anyone can edit. Before you start going around making half finished and horrible articles please read Stuff to know before you start making articles and look in Category:Example for how we would like some of the articles to be formatted. While we do appreciate the information you give us, it would help us even more if it were organized properly. Check out the forums for announcements. Thank you.

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Did You Know...

  • ...that Yu-Gi-Oh! GX TAS By ShadyVox did not have LK as Yami?
  • ...that High School of The Dead Abridged once had it's account hijacked by a previous member of the group, hoping to the series back?
  • ...that Deathlymuffins was originally not going to be the first person to be interviewed by Mattroks101? But ShinigamiEater's computer came down with a virus the day of, and Matt interviewed DeathlyMuffins instead.
  • ...that you should suggest random abridging trivia so we can fill this section out?
  • ...that you should suggest random abridging trivia so we can fill this section out?
  • ...that you should suggest random abridging trivia so we can fill this section out?

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Girls und Panzer Abridged

Girls und Panzer Abridged Logo

Girls und Panzer Abridged is an ongoing abridgement of the 2012 sleeper hit Girls und Panzer, a show so long (12 episodes), it was begging to be shortened. It was created by GunmetalSTuG and several of his friends (whom he affectionately refers to as his team).

Girls und Panzer Abridged completely eschews the original show's plot about a ragtag group of friends coming together in a heart-warming underdog story about friendship and finding your own way in the world. It is instead about a group of lazy, drug-addled, borderline sociopathic high school girls who are forced to compete in the Tankery Team by a bloothirsty and psychopathic Student Council President.

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