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Welcome to the Abridged Series Wiki, officially a partner of the Abridged Archive! This wiki is dedicated to documented information on all abridging, a video genre on YouTube in which a media (generally anime) is parodying by the critique and change of voice, personality and overall feel.
We currently have 1,270 articles about everything related to abridging. This includes the abridged series', the people who make it, episode lists and much more. And you can help too.
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Mattroks101 is the creator of Baccano! Teh Abridged Series!, the Mattroks101 Abridged interviews, Electric Anime Batman and was a past admin of this site.



Abridging News

  • MasakoX left ChannelAwesome in the wake of the recent channel controversy. (4/19/2018)

Wiki News

  • Abridged Archive and the wiki have entered a partnership, to focus on archiving the past and the present of abridging. (4/21/2018)
  • The Wiki has been redesigned partially! (4/20/2018)

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