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The Wiki that covers all of the abridged universe that anyone can edit. Before you start going around making half finished and horrible articles please read Stuff to know before you start making articles and look in Category:Example for how we would like some of the articles to be formatted. While we do appreciate the information you give us, it would help us even more if it were organized properly. Check out the forums for announcements. Thank you.

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Sword Art Online Abridged (by Something Witty Entertainment)


SAO (Sword Art Online) Abridged is an abridged series by Something Witty Entertainment under the YouTube channel SWEabridged. It is a parody of the anime series Sword Art Online. The plot follows very closely to the original series, but characters are often quite different from their canon counterparts, and some even have different names.

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Did You Know...

  • ...that Yu-Gi-Oh! GX TAS By ShadyVox did not have LK as Yami?
  • ...that High School of The Dead Abridged once had it's account hijacked by a previous member of the group, hoping to get the series back?
  • ...that Uraby210's One Piece Abridged has the most abridged episodes of One Piece completed?
  • ..that given the amount of time it took for Mirai Nikki to be adapted into an anime, many people (excluding Zero-Q) began planning out ideas for their own abridged series years in advance. In anticipation of the anime receivng multiple parodies, Zero-Q titled his version "Mirai Nikki an Abridged Series" as opposed to the standard "The Abridged Series" (or TAS)?
  • ...that you should suggest random abridging trivia so we can fill this section out?
  • ...that you should suggest random abridging trivia so we can fill this section out?

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