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Abridgers' Lounge
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Abridgers' Lounge (Often shorten to AbLo) is a Discord Server and a Youtube that was created by a majority of the former mods of the AbCom server after a difference of opinions with the server owner. AbLo serves as a place for abridge creators to communicate with other creators, recruit voice actors, receive or give critique and promote their videos.

AbLo also runs a youtube channel that hosts a monthly highlight of abridged videos released in that month, it also hosts a podcast and will be hosting community abridged projects in the future.

Joining the Server Edit

us server had a problem with people who would not contribute or to troll join, to combat this the mods implemented a vetting process to prevent this. To join the server now you must contact or have someone contact a mod to request a invite link, but when you do this be sure to have proof of your work.

Teams Edit

AbLo runs on the backs of two teams, the mod team which insures that the server runs as intended and keep people in line, the second team is the creative team who produce the Abridged Rewind and other videos for the AbLo youtube channel.

Mod Team

Creative Team

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