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April 2, 2017 - Ongoing




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Accelerated MINT is an abridged parody created by pzykosiz under the Youtube channel IAmPzykosiz. The parody largely ignores the plot in favour of it's own randomness, and heavily uses "stunt mouths" in place of actual lip flaps due to large amounts of dialog in the original series being mind speak


Writer: pzykosiz Editor: pzykosiz Voice Actors: Darkmoon487, TMFilly, pzykosiz

The production of this series was actually a second attempt at the series, the first however, never seeing the light of day. Originally an attempt at entering #TIBA, but the script, while actually following the story, was "far too awful to put into words", and was subsequently scrapped in favour of a nonsensical plot-line that ignores the main storyline


One of the main protagonists of the actual series, being the smart, beautiful Vice President of the Student Council, is transformed into a loud mouth hardcore gamer with a questionable history and a gravelly voice. Also becoming a semi-antagonistic character to Haruyuki by tricking him into helping her (by being a meat shield)

The shy, quiet, punching bag retains his role pretty well, keeping his protagonist role, but also becoming a slave to Kuroyukihime's questionable actions. Given his nature, he's easily tricked by a pretty face (that offers handjobs)

Douchebag, one-off character. That is all.

Episode ListEdit

Episode Air Date
Episode 1 Apr 2, 2017


  • This was a second attempt at creating a series. The original idea looked decent on paper, but hearing it out loud revealed how bad it was.
  • The original script was done in more of an Abridged Series style than a MENT style, and was planned to be covering roughly 1 episode per episode.
  • The lack of lip flaps during scenes needed to be rectified, so a "Stunt Mouth" was used for Kuroyukihime. Being that the character was based heavily on Erika from Heartcatch Precure Abridged, her mouth was used.
  • The angry eyebrows were borrowed from the Red Bird from the "Angry Birds" movie
  • The creator pzykosiz's first editing work was making short AMV's for the AMV Hell Mini Challenge Series. A playlist can be found here

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