Anax of RhodesEdit


Anax is an amateur abridger and voice-actor.  His most notable project is Abridgelion, a Neon Genesis Evangelion parody that follows the episodic nature of the canon show leading up to and including the capstone film, “End of Evangelion.” Since then, he has also made a one-shot parody of "Ninja Scroll," called Ninja 'Scridged: Social Justice Ninja Warrior.

Anax lives in the barren, deserted, desert wasteland of Not-Phoenix, Arizona.


Abridgelion (own) – Shinji, Toji, Aida, the Dr. (Ritsuko), Asuka, several minor roles; director, writer, main editor

Ninja 'Scridged (own) - Tessai, Ninja 2

Attack On Titan Abridged (Colonel Cubbage) – Eld/Some Dude, several minor roles

Abridging the Rebellion (Copley, StarKhan) – extra soldier voice

Diabolik Lovers Abridged (ADHDgonewild7) – Shuu


The name “Anax” is short for “Anaximander,” an ancient Greek philosopher.  That’s not why Anax chose the handle, however; he played Rome: Total War and "Anaximander" was one of the randomly-generated names produced for a Greek NPC.  He liked the look and sound of the name, so he adopted it.  However, because of its long, unwieldy nature, Anax shortened it to the four-letter, two-syllable form used today.  On top of that, he added “of Rhodes” because just “Anax” was often taken by other users in popular video games, and this add-on sounded cool.  He also did this to emulate the number of YouTubers who sported usernames in the style of “[honorary] of [location],” such as Heir of Carthage, Prince of Macedon, and Warrior of Sparta.

Anax owns several guns, partaking in his Second Amendment-protected right to safely and legally own and operate firearms.  His favorite is his Israeli Tavor.

Anax represents the straight, white, male, conservative, Christian, American minority on

Anax works as a geologist at a copper mine.

Anax regularly keeps up on current events and political happenings.  Much of the humor in his abridged series derives from this hobby, which helps keep his brand unique.  Despite leaning strongly right-winged, his jokes attempt to apply universally to viewers of any political persuasion.

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