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Began Abridging:

September 2014


bellwarrior is a voice actor, writer and daddy butter connoisseur in the abridged community, known mostly for carrying CharlestonVO. He is the co-creator and co-writer of Death Note Abridged Parody in which he plays Light and Yuri Road in which he pretends to tolerate working with Ivan LeRoy. He has often talked on streams about how his father never truley loved him, and only raised him to become the perfect abridger. Ever since he learned of this, he vowed to be a huge cunt.


  • Death Note Abridged Parody – Co-creator, co-writer
  • Fairy Tail Abridged – Co-creator, co-writer
  • Cory in the ParliaMENT – Co-creator, co-writer
  • Steins;Gayt -- Co-creator, co-writer
  • Toward the #TIBA -- Co-creator, co-writer
  • Scheduled Anguish Podcast -- Co-creator, co-host
  • Yuri Road -- Co-creator, co-writer

Voice workEdit

  • Death Note Abridged Parody – Light
  • Fairy Tail Abridged – Simon
  • Cory in the ParliaMENT – Cory
  • Steins;Gayt -- Not-erza
  • Toward the #TIBA -- Bert Stuffins, Security Announcer

Trivia Edit

  • Is good at flogs
  • Is secretly BenjiCinema
  • Is a player hater
  • Is currently a huge Cunt
  • He has noted on multiple accounts that he only writes scripts when his balls are fondled by CharlestonVO. This has led to a lot of drama between the duo, but as of recent, Charleston seems to have really accepted his place in the team

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