Beyblade - The Abridged Series


Annilater009 & Siliva


04/17/2008 - mid-2009




Beyblade - The Abridged Series, (also known as Bey-TAS) is a Youtube-based voice over parody of the Beyblade anime series.

History Edit

The idea to first create an abridged series came to Annilater and Siliva around Feburary/March 2008. After taking a bit, they first decided to make a Beyblade Abridged Series. However, there were already a few Beyblade Abridged Series online on Youtube. Most of them all had the complaints concerning audio quality, and there wasn't one that didn't continue on after episode 1.

The first episode of Beyblade - The Abridged Series had its Youtube premier on April 17, 2008. The series' starting point was a mild sucess, but suffered from the common issues of poor editing, bad audio quality, and its mediocre jokes. For the most part, it was well recieved by its viewers. But as with most new abridged series, it had the problem of accusations on joke-stealing from more popular series.

Production Edit

Episodes of Beyblade - The Abridged Series were ususally released every month to two months. Some episodes have taken longer, however.

Process Edit

Episodes usually begin with both Siliva and Annilater watching the english dubbed episodes and creating jokes from there. Afterwards, Annilater writes up the script for the all the episodes, but Siliva adds in pieces of dialogue here and there.

After scripting, both of them record voices using Audacity. Annilater e-mails all of his lines to Siliva, where he beings editing the final work.

Siliva edits Beyblade - The Abridged Series by using the software Sony Vegas Pro 8. (In previous episodes, he's used different softwares) His editing process can take anywhere from two days to two weeks.

Regular Cast Edit

With Annilater and Siliva being the only two who produce the Abridged Series, that means that the two of them alone voice the majority of the characters. In recent episodes, they have gotten different people to voice some of the extra characters.

  • Annilater009 - Kai Hiwitari, Ray Kon, Kenny, Carlos, AJ Topper, Grandpa, Max's Dad, Mariah.
  • Siliva - Tyson Granger, Max Tate, Brad Best, DJ Jazzman, Mr. Dickenson, Kevin, Lee

Openings Edit

Fighting Spirits, by System~B has been used as the opening them throughout every episode in the series. However, during the planning process of the series, it was planned out that each story arc would have different clips used, mostly relating to the content of the arc. The opening clips change during the following episodes:

  • Episode 1 - A Terrible Pilot
  • Episode 7 - The Asian, Yet White Tigers
  • Episode 12 - America! F*** Yeah!


Currently, the episodes have been set as "Private" on Youtube and are unavailable for viewing.

Toupies BeybladeEdit

Jeux et jouets Beyblade

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