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Black Butler Abridged is an abridged series created by the team ButlerOnBakerStreet. They are currently in production of the second episode. The project is lead by Darkshitsuji and is written by a mix of Midnightdevont, Darkshitsuji, Williamdorf, RogueAbridger, and sometimes SavagesnakeKid and Tsukiko.

The first episode was edited by Midnightdevont who is now known as xXOsidenRosesxX, though Darkshitsuji had plans to edit all future episodes himself, due to lack of skill, RogueAbridger was selected by Team leader Darkshitsuji to continue editing. The episode debuted on YouTube, and from what the description of the video says, was taken down several times, most likely due to copyright claim. The current episode can be found here.

RogueAbdridger is placed on Editing duties for the group. The group has decided on going on a Episode base casting within the group with a small chance of Cameo. Their Writting style is to not make little to no reference to Any pop culture in favor of trying to make their own jokes given within the series themselves.

The writting of certin Characters usually follows as the following:

  • Sebastian Michealis tries to be the Laziest butler in the series by not doing physical work, especialy to Ciel. Luckily he has a habit of getting the Job done after a long period of time or he does it in his sleep.He wants the young master soul and is willing to give up his wensday naps to rescues his master. Sebastian takes command and even over the house at times actually sometimes claiming it was his own house in episode 2.
  • Grell is currently now written as a Metro sexual as his orginal character is in deep love with Sebastian. TheButlersOfBakerStreet Plan to make him horny for Anyone.
  • Finnian Has a Bunny collection that has a habit of showing up or being to to get rid of by Sebastian.
  • Ciel is written more as a planner and snotty than his orginal character. Appearing less emo and more brat-ish especially around Sebastian. He complian of how useles ever servant in Phantomhive is useless and blames Sebastian for it all. He is Also quite fond of be in bondage as cause he is well used to it (Even on wensdays)
  • Lau is written as a dimwitted but clever character in that he sell drugs only to have Seal(Ciel but Lau has a Habit of calling him that) to pay for it.
  • Tanaka is given a speech of laughter and an Old british Sean Conery way of speech and only has a stamia of 1 sec to a min of speech before collaping.
  • Lizzy Has a cute Fetish and often Tries to make everyone's life cute. She even Implies Greil is a cute Object in which she must Place on the cieling know as The greil.
  • Williamdorf One off villian for each of the starting episodes is implied to have an accent and is Baked in a Pie at the end of the show.
  • Madam Red is intended to show up and show her offection for her darling nephew and to get the head butler a good rub for a hard days good work. I wonder how long that will last

The cast of ButlerOfBakerStreet Includes:

Edited By:

Midnightdevont(Episode 1 (2010))

RogueAbridger(Episode 2 (2011))

Dietrich0711(episode 3 and onward)


  • Ciel Phantomhive(episode 1-2)


  • Ciel Phantomhive(3 and Onward


  • Sebastian Michealis, Tanaka


  • Madame Red, Finnian, Mei rin, extra extra boy


  • Grell Sutcliff, Bardroy, Damien, Azurre


  • Lau, Cane seller


  • Lizzy


  • Crimsontearedmoon Play Grell In Episode 1. Due to conflicts and mutural departing, she left of her own accord with the group thanking her for her roles.
  • The team plans on having a webseries based on the anime after episode 6, pertaining to the manga's Circus Ark left out by the anime's original programming.Ciel Phantomhive

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