Blade of the Immortal Abridged

Created By:



IamKitsumi, LunarAiko, iDivineSilhouette, EdricODoom, UnfortunateStar, VegetaSasuke0




2009 - 04/20/2011


This article is about Blade of The Immortal abridged by IamKitsumi.

History Edit

An abridged series created by IamKitsumi. IamKitsumi wanted to abridge something on youtube that hasn't been abridged before, so he decided to look up some. He found one that sounded interesting, watched it, & came up with a cast & a first episode three months later. He was working on other things at the time, but finally came out with the pilot episode in early October '09. A third episode was never created due to time constraints, traveling & losing the drive to work on anything.

Cast Edit

  • LunarAiko: Machi, Young Rin.
  • EdricODoom: Saito & Hiashi.
  • iDivineSilhouette: Rin Asano, Rin's mother.
  • UnfortunateStar: Hyakurin.
  • VegetaSasuke0: Kakashi Cosplayer.
  • IamKitsumi: All other characters.

Running Gags Edit

  • Manji being gay.
  • Manji being racist because of the Buddhist swastika on his back which means "peace" but being portrayed as the German Swastika.
  • Naruto Cosplayers.

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