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Boco is an American Abridger, Voice Actor, Writer & Editor. He is the creator of Princes Princess! Abridged & is in the process of creating Girls und Panzer: Und Shot. He is also a Co-Writer on Anime Lawyers Epicly Abridging Gurren Laggan the Encore, & was a moderator on the AbCom discord server and is now a mod (and Admin) on The Abridgers' Lounge (AbLo) discord server, along with being a member of the AniQuest Podcast.

History Edit

Boco first started watching abridged videos in 2011, he discovered them through TeamFourStar when he discovered a highlight video of theirs when idly browsing YouTube instead of doing school work.

He first became interested in creating abridged content in 2012, he had decided on a show but at the time he did not have the money for the editing software or DVDs. So he decided to stay with the Lets Plays he had been making since 2010.

In 2014 he once again became interested in abridging and on the Seventh of August he joined AbridgedForums to ask tech related questions, he never became active however. Later in 2014 he created the skeleton of his first script. This script never went on to become anything.

In July of 2015 he created the channel Seio Academy to host his abridged content since he didn't want to risk losing his personal channel to copyright strikes.

In September of 2015 he joined the Skype group that BohBear had made for AbridgedForums where he met many of the people he still often collaborates with such as QuizGuru and DEEsidia.

In late December of 2015 he wrote and completed his first script, a Christmas special using the Christmas episode of Kampfer, this never saw the light of day, which is better for everyone, according to him "It was filled with poorly constructed sex jokes".

In March of 2016 he was recruited by QuizGuru along with Spritestuff and Xtravmon to help write a parody of the Phoenix Wright anime before it came out, he barley had anything to do with the writing process though since he had to leave to record his podcast and when he came back the writing was done.

In April of 2016 he began writing on the first of a series of planned one shots intended to be the bad first videos that every abridger has, this was Girls und Panzer: Und Shot.

In May of 2016 he and Jacob Angelstar were recruited by QuizGuru to help assist with writing on his series Epicly Abridging Gurren Laggan the Encore.

At the end of June 2016 Team Four Star announced their Tenkaichi Ironman Budokai Abridgathon contest, most of Bocos friends were snapped up by other teams or started their own, he decided on the anime Princess Princess since it was one the anime he owned, it would be easy to make fun of and that no one else would do it, this would be the first video he finished, it did not place and now Boco will openly say that is very bad in multiple ways. During TIBA Boco would join the unofficial TIBA Discord Server (Later known as ABcom) and became aquanted with more content creators such as Darkmoon and PyrOMG. He would later go on to become one of the mods on the server when it started getting more traffic.

In November writing began for a AbCom community project written by Quizguru, Dusty Sox, Darkmoon, SuperNinja5506 and Himself. This project has since been transferred to The Abridgers' Lounge discord server, this project has yet to come out and is now on indefinite hiatus.

In December of 2016 DokotorAppleJuce brought an idea of doing a round-up of all the abridging content that came out that month to the mod team of AbCom, Boco volunteered as a Judge and thumbnail designer, this series was called The AbCom Abridged Round-Up. It is now called the Abridged Rewind after being transferred to The Abridgers' Lounge.

In February of 2017 there was a large difference of opinion between the owner of AbCom and a majority of the mods (including Boco) this lead to the demodding of the mods involved and the eventual creation of AbLo where Boco is now a mod.

On October 19th of 2017 an update video was released on the Seio Academy youtube channel detailing its future. He stated that he would not only be uploading abridged content on the channel, he didn't go into much detail but he did say that there would be other anime related videos. He also detailed the upcoming releases on the channel and teased two new projects with projected release date of "sometime in 2018".

In April of 2018 he released episode one of Hakata Tonkotsu RaMENT in collaboration with SuperNinja5506 of MagicAbridged, and also debuted the re-branding of his channel to "EyeCandy Productions" citing that "I felt the old name limited what I could do too much"


  • AnimeLawyers Legally Abridging Phoenix Wright - Spiritual Writer.
  • Seio Academy's Princess Princess! Abridged - Writer, Editor, Voice Director, Bus Driver, Tooru, Mikoto, Teacher, Cousin, Akira, Yuujirou, Tsuji, Student Council President, Student B.
  • AnimeLawyers Epicly Abridging Gurren Laggan the Encore - Writer (Ep 3-present).
  • Aniquest Podcast - Himself.
  • AbCom - Ex-Discord Server Moderator.
  • Abridgers' Lounge - Discord Server Moderator.
  • Abridged Rewind - Thumbnail Designer(December 2016-March 2017), Judge, Writer.
  • Abridgelions Ninja Scroll Abridged - Clan Ninja 3
  • TeamDaiGurrens Overlord Abridged - Man 1
  • Eye Candy Productions Hakata Tonkotsu RaMENT - Lin
  • MagicAbridgeds Card Captor Sakura Clear Card Abridged - English Teacher
  • Mahados Idolmustard - Attendee (Ep 10)


  • Boco is a self proclaimed "Semi-Retired" Lets Player
  • The only reason he has any friends in the community is because of group chats & servers
  • He is one of the only people to figure out how to edit in HitFilm
  • Before he switched to the Adobe Suite all the programs he used to create videos were free.
  • He is credited as a writer on episode 1 of [Closed Captions]'s Love Prerecorded! MENT!!!, but he wasn't involved at all.
  • According to his twitter he is often mistaken for a girl.