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Samurai Champloo: The Abridged Series


Death By Anime Parody Series


History Edit

BossTrigger joined The Abridging Community after auditioning for Disorganization XIII (and not being accepted). In a satirical rage, he made a few Organization XIII parody videos and attracted the attention of members of Disorganization XIII and was invited to Skype by DeathNoteL12 and MasterWGS. After settling into TAC, BossTrigger attempted abridging the Devil May Cry anime. Due to technological issies, issues collecting lines and a general apathy to edit, the series ended after episode 1.

He is now the creator, scriptor, editor and voice actor for the three major characters in his Samurai Champloo: The Abridged Series which debuted March 14th, 2,010.

About Edit

BossTrigger serves as a session voice actor and occasional sound effect mixer for TAC.

Roles Edit

=== Abridging Roles (Not Including Cameos):

Abridged Roles (Not Including Cameos): Edit

Samurai Champloo: The Abridged Series

Role(s): Scriptor, Editor, Mugen, Jin, Fuu, Extras


Akatsuki Unlimited

Role(s): Scriptor, Itachi Uchiha


Disorganization XIII

Role(s): DiZ


GoC: Soul Eater The Abridged Series

Role(s): Soul Eater Evans, Giriko, Asura, Extras


Rurouni Kenshin: The Abridged Series

Roles(s): Shinomori Aoshi, Saito Hajime, Extras


TKB: Naruto Shippuden The Abridged Series *Discontinued*

Role(s): Kakashi, Shikamaru, Itachi, Chiyo


Black Lagoon: The Abridged Series

Role(s): Dutch, Extras


Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: The Abridged Series *Discontinued*

Role(s): Toya, Shogo, Lexaeus


Ouran High School Host Club: The Abridged Series *Discontinued*

Role(s): Beary


Beet The Vandel Buster: The Abridged Series

Role(s): Slade


Rave Master: The Abridged Series *Discontinued*

Role(s): TBA

Zombie Loan: The Abridged Series *Discontinued*

Role(s): Sotetsu, Shiba, Kenken


Trivia Edit

BossTrigger is a music enthusiast and plays guitar (owning six different guitars).

BossTrigger's favorite anime of all time is Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad.

BossTrigger has never been to an Anime Convention. He went at least a year ago to his first one with Touketsu

BossTrigger's favorite voice actor is Crispin Freeman (lovingly called, "Crispy")

BossTrigger hopes to become a professional voice actor but also plans on writing a series of novels.

Quotes Edit

"BossTrigger is such a badass, there are many orphans who would gladly swim through an ocean of thumbtacks just to be in the long shadow cast by his achievements." ~Touketsu

"If BossTrigger were compared to the world's smartest and strongest, he would pale in comparison. But if he were compared to all the kickass voice actors and violent guitarists, he'd be god." - Anonymous

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