HoshizoraInc (also known as CarbonKirby) was originally a Lets Player who got into Voice Acting and Abridging around late 2009. He has partaken in many different projects.

  • Dragonball Abridged (Shu) by TeamChocoStar (dead)
  • Go-Bots Voice-Action Alliance Style (Bad Guys) on the VoiceItLive Channel
  • Megaman Starforce Abridged (Omega-xis, Bud, Extra Characters) by PlanetFMEnterprise
  • BeyBlade Abridged (Episode 4 +) (Ray, Brad Bess) by ThatWhiteGuy123
  • AirGear Abridged (Episdode 13) (Female Wrestler) By BlackAbridger
  • TeamFartTaco
  • PlantFMEnterpise
  • FridayNightHeroTime (Podcast Group)

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