Cee Cee VA
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This article is about the abridger & voice actress known as CeeCeeVA (also known as CeeCee02).

Projects & Appearances Edit

  • Black Butler Abridged - Ciel Phantomhive.
  • Pixel Poppa's Rurouni Kenshin Abridged - Kaoru, Tae, & Meryl.
  • School Days The Abridged Series - Sekai Saionji.
  • Ookami Kakushi The Abridged Series - Nemuru Kushinada/Kannon Hakuorou.
  • Heaven's Lost Property Parody Short - Ikaros (Alpha).
  • Hell Butler - Ciel Phantomhive, & Bayonetta.
  • vanillacrescentx's Boruto The Movie Fandub - Boruto.
  • One Piece Abridged- Monkey D Luffy
  • My Hero Academia Abridged- Ochako Uraraka
  • I Want To Live One Piece 4Kids Fandub- Nico Robin, Monkey D Luffy

Trivia Edit

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