Began Abridging:

September 2014

CharlestonVO is a voice actor, writer, and editor in the abridged community, known mostly for his collaborations with bellwarrior. He is the creator and co-writer of Death Note Abridged, in which he voices Ryuk, and Fairy Tail Abridged, in which he voices Jellal. He also co-created, co-wrote, and co-edited Deadman Wonderland Parody with BuddyVA, in which he voices Yoh. He changed his name from Charleston to CharlestonVO on December 11, 2015, citing that Charleston was a poor choice for a screen name "even before the shooting."


  • Shadow Puppetry and friendship bracelets.
  • Death Note Abridged – Creator, co-writer, editor
  • Fairy Tail Abridged – Co-creator, co-writer, editor
  • Cory in the ParliaMENT – Co-writer, editor
  • Deadman Wonderland Parody – Co-creator, co-writer, co-editor
  • Steins Gayt -- Co-creator, co-writer
  • Scheduled Anguish Podcast -- Co-creator, co-host
  • Toward the #TIBA -- Co-creator, co-writer, editor

Voice workEdit

  • Death Note Abridged – Ryuk, addl. voices
  • Gendo and Friends (by mattroks101) – Soldier
  • Death Note: TAS (by AwesomeChroniclesUK) – Narrator (Christmas special)
  • Fairy Tail Abridged – Jellal
  • Cory in the ParliaMENT – Newt
  • The Devil is in a MENT! – Addl. voices (ep. 4)
  • Death by Theme Park Abridged – Yoh
  • Code Geass: Abridging the Rebellion – Soldier (ep. 2)
  • Steins;Gayt -- Fat man
  • Toward the #TBA -- Jomi, additional voices
  • My Hero Abridged (by JoyRide Entertainment) -- Ida, Recovery Girl

Trivia Edit

  • Is roughly 96 big bois
  • Likes several sports teams, and hating himself
  • His mother is proud of him
  • Piracy

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