This page is about the abridger known as Chimerayuri.

Chimerayuri loli profile


Freddy Jimenez



Specializes In:

Abridging, Voice Acting, Script Writing, & Editing.


History Edit

Chimerayuri started in the abridged community, abridging Strawberry Panic. Once he finished that, he focused on Mai-Hime.

He has a fascination with loli's, as a lot of people tend to call him the pedo bear of the abridged community. Some of his noticeable friends in the community are GrimReaperSakura, & Tamao108.

One of the most noticeable things about Chimerayuri is his love for loli's, as well as yuri anime, hence the name.

Projects Edit

  • Strawberry Panic The Abridged Series
  • Mai-Hime The Abridged Series
  • Rozen Maiden Parody

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