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Claymore UNserious (CLUN) is an abridged series directed by UltimateGamerist from DancingMonkeyPDTV.

The show is about a boy named Raki who his family where killed by a Yoma. He befriends a Claymore, by the name of Clare. The village of Doga, however, isn't too fond of Claymores, and refers to them as 'prostitutes.' The organization is run by service providers who do business with their customers, ensuring them not to worry, as they always clean up after a 'bloody fight.'

Raki and Clare would go on a journey together, and he would be her 'cook,' even though Raki's true ambition is to get that ass from Clare.

As she fights her way through Yoma, Clare has a bigger goal in mind, revenge: The abridged way.

This series runs along Bamboo Blade Abridged (BBA) on the same YouTube Channel. The humor and writing style differs from BBA.


Early November of 2012, Cody Thomas (UltimateGamerist) has decided to create a new abridged series called "Claymore Unserious." The idea was to abridged one of the most serious animes ever created, and he wanted to do just that and make it not serious, the exact opposite of what it really is. He along with Kimmy13r will direct the series by hosting recording sessions with the other voice actors. Cody's vision for Claymore Unserious is, "Claymore is just so serious! We're going to make it, not serious at all, and ridiculous."


SonCurran is providing the video and audio editing for Claymore Unserious. The series is edited with Final Cut Pro X, and the Audio is edited with Logic Pro. Episodes are also much shorter than BBA, ranging from 3-6 minutes long. The intro is 20 seconds long using the song "We're shipping up to Boston" by the Dropkick Murphys for a Celtic/Gaelic feel like the original anime. 

On Episode 3, Rhia-Chan (X1XSakuraXYukkiX7Xtook over the video editing.

Episode 4 is currently being scripted.


Episode ListEdit

Episodes Locations Written By Release Date

-Scene 01-

-[ Article -]

Doga, Lautrec UltimateGamerist February 5, 2013

-Scene 02-

-[ Article -]

Doga, Lautrec

Egon, Lautrec


August 16, 2013

-Scene 03-

-[ Article -

Egon, Lautrec

Mount Shire

UltimateGamerist April 8, 2014


  • Narrators are Clare's food.
  • Luke (TheFucshiaFox) recorded his lines for the Yoma in Claymore Episode 1, but his voice was not featured in the abridged series due to changes to the script, and him retiring from the group. His role was succeeded by SD2Productions.
  • The director (UltimateGamerist) of the show is from Massachusetts. 
  • For the Intro, We're Shipping Up to Boston was used for the show's theme to give it a Celtic/Gaelic feel.
  • Claymore is a Scottish Gaelic term meaning "Great Sword."
  • The Intro for CLUN was SonCurran's first ever edited abridged intro.
  • The series was ripped off of a Blu-Ray, therefore the series is uploaded in Full 1080p HD.

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