Clutch Roadagain is a pretty alright voice actor, he wants to be vored by Saltydkdan. He's also known for having really big muscles and can beat up anyone he wants for their lunch money.

History Edit

Clutch Roadagain is a cute, little boy born in the US of A and picked up voice acting because his friends kept violently telling him to with knifes and various blunt objects because apparently he has talent? I kind of doubt, but I hear that he was born the strongest dude alive, with muscles bigger than anyone else.

Clutch started voice acting in 2008 with his hit "Abridged" project, The Knuckles Show (Knux Show for short). Not much can be said about it other than it was kind of autistic. Anyways, then he stopped because playing Roblox was a lot more fun, anyways.

His first role since then was in the TIBA entry 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency Abridged' and he hasn't been in anything since. Some say that if you listen closely enough at night, you just might be able to hear Clutch shouting 'Hamon Kick' into the night.

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