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Code MENT, officially titled Code Geass AbridgeMENT, is a series written, edited, and voiced by PurpleEyesWTF.

Plot Edit

Code MENT closely follows the plot of Code Geass (the anime on which Code MENT is based), with the exception of making most characters seem stupid and heavy editing that includes parts of other YouTube videos and mentions of real world affairs, particularly celebrities.

Abridged vs. AbridgeMENT Edit

Abridging has enjoyed many successes in the art of comedy and anime parody, however some parodies have taken a slighly different route. AbridgeMENTing aims at taking a different approach to the parody field. PurpleEyesWTF (The screen name being a play on LittleKuriboh's new YouTube account: CardGamesFTW) reconstructs the Code Geass television series with characters whose personalities are polar opposites of their original counterparts. What is unique about Code MENT series is that it very loosely follows the actions in the original series. Instead it aims to create an entirely new parody plot line of Code Geass. The series is considered a "parody of a parody".

The goal of the abridgement series differs only slightly from abridging, in that it does not hesitate to rid itself of overly serious or dark plot elements to reassemble them into a new type of show altogether. Purpleeyeswtf has a tendency to poke fun at his competitors/comrades in the abridging field (as seen in many episodes including an alternative version of episode 8, where, after some constructive criticism from his cohort he responded by fixing these video bugs and then proceeded to write a new opening (in which his character Lelouch attempts to blow up SXAbridged's Roger Smith from "Big O Abridged"). However the motto of the abridgement series is to: "enjoy and promote others shows" which leads us to believe these acts are good in nature.

It remains to be seen what we become of the future of abridgementing, however, PurpleEyes has gone on record to say that by the 19th episode of the Code MENT series his goals should become a little more clear.

Episode List Edit

Episodes Air Date
Episode 1 - M.E.N.T. Jun 10, 2010
Episode 2 - Big Trouble (In Little Britannia) Jun 11, 2010
Episode 3 - A bee named Jasper Jun 18, 2010
Episode 4 - Enter the One Jul 6, 2010
Episode 5 - Unincepted Aug 4, 2010
Episode 6 - The Smell of Victory Aug 19, 2010
Episode 7 - Strategist Extraordinaire Sep 19, 2010
Episode 8 - Episode 8 Oct 16, 2010
Episode 9 - Refrain from refrain Nov 12, 2010
Episode 10 - Shatter Mountain Jan 5, 2011
Episode 11 - Bears are Crazy Mar 4, 2011
Episode 12 - Table Top Games Jun 12, 2011
Episode 13 - Lucky Number Thirteen

(version 2)

Jan 29, 2012

(Feb 6, 2012)

Episode 14 - Tamagotchi Turnabout Jun 9, 2012
Fanfic Mode: None Piece Episode 5/Code MENT 14.5 Oct 25, 2012
Episode 15 - Identity Crisis on Three Earths Sep 10, 2013
Episode 16 - Mao Dies May 2, 2015

Trivia Edit

  • The current edition of Code MENT is not PurpleEyesWTF's first attempt at abridging Code Geass. The first 6 episodes are "Reduxed" versions of the original series that was produced in 2009, with the 6th episode being released on Jan 16, 2010. The old version of episode 6 can still be found on youtube here.
  • Has its own TvTropes Page


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