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Coffinjockey is a voice actor and writer in the abridged community. He is best known for co-creating HA x HA. He frequently works in collaboration with Earl of Bassington, The Schmuck Squad, and is a member of Abridgilliance.


  • HA x HA – Co-creator, writer
  • FMA: FML – Co-creator, writer
  • Black Butler: Book of Bukkake – Co-creator, writer
  • Rubadubdub, Merman in a Tub – Co-creator, writer
  • Buttbuttination Clbuttroom – Co-creator, writer
  • Black Butler: ReASSed – Co-creator, writer
  • Dagashi Kashi Abridged – Co-creator, writer
  • Digimon Abridged – Co-creator, writer
  • FoodMent! – Co-creator, writer

Voice workEdit

  • HA x HA – Leorio, Kurapika, Tonpa, Killua, Leorio, Netero, Beans, addl. voices
  • FMA: FML – Alphonse, Isaac, Alexander Louis Armstrong, Fuhrer Bradley
  • Noragami: The Abridged Series (by Kojie Abridged) – Yato
  • Rubadubdub, Merman in a Tub – Wakasa
  • Code Geass: Abridging the Rebellion (by House at a Party) – Addl. voices
  • Noragami: The Abridged Series – Yato
  • Black Butler: Book of Bukkake – Sebastian
  • Buttbuttination Clbuttroom – Karasuma, Nagisa, addl. voices
  • Black Butler: ReASSed – Sebastian, Claude, Frowns McBooHoo
  • Triage à Trois (by AwYeah WNS) – Addl. voices
  • Dagashi Kashi Abridged – Dad
  • Parasyte The Maxim Abridged – Detective Godfather, Addl. voices
  • Durarara!! Abridged – Addl. voices
  • Digimon Abridged – Narrator, Gabumon evolutionary line
  • FoodMent! – Isshiki, Grandma, Ibusaki, Addl. voices
  • Akame ga Kill! Abridged! – Prime Minister Honest, Drug Lord Hanzo

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