History Edit

CondemnProductions is an all-rookie abridging team created by DarkKnightGrave and ScorchingFlames. This production company is based off the group's full name Condemned Men of Society Productions created by DarkKnightGrave and Willdaproblem.

Members Edit

  • DarkKnightGrave: Executive Producer, VO Actor, Co-Writer
  • ScorchingFlames: VO Actor, Director, Co-Writer
  • Willdaproblem: VO Actor, Co-Production Sound Mixer
  • Skeptixx: VO Actor, Co-Production Sound Mixer
  • sesshydaddah: VO Actress, Art Director
  • Sorano_Yasu: VO Actress

Projects Edit

Gundam00AS (Mobile Suit Gundam 00 the Abridged Series)

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