Created By:

VegetaSasuke0 & HN5353


2 Episodes + 1 Special


DBZAR was an early Dragon Ball Z parody created by The Sagas Council.

History Edit

DBZAR came out shortly around the same time as Gozar's Alternate Reality Dragon Ball Z, & was somewhat even inspired by it. Originally there were about 10 episodes created solo by VegetaSasuke0 (known as RockLee5001 at the time) but were so bad that HN5353 got involved & decided that the group had to go back to the start & plan out their project more. The revamped first episode was infamously bad for it's bad editing & even more horrible audio, though the second episode was vastly improved. A third episode was planned, but was shortly scrapped for unknown reasons. There was a lot of drama revolving around the script work for the first episode, people accusing of jokes being stole, while the series was written right around the same time as TeamFourStar's creation. Much like everyone else at the time, Youtube would later go out of their way to suspend their first channel with the excuse of copyright infringement.

"Ihate" Videos Edit

Shortly around the time of the revamped episodes of DBZAR's releases, people criticized the first episode for stealing jokes, even though they were only hinted at, & not actually stealing the jokes themselves. The group then went on a wild rampage, making fun of other abridgers, & even making a rant series dedicated to a good portion of the community, they called them "Ihate (yes Ihate is spelled as if it were all one word)" videos. The group would then scrap the concept of doing a Dragon Ball Z parody in favor of the term "Sagas".

Cast Edit

  • VegetaSasuke0 (Credited as RockLee5001) - Chi-Chi, Gohan, Master Roshi, Yamcha, Vegeta, & Broly.
  • HN5353 (Credited as Goku10114HJ) - Editor (Episode 2), Goku, Raditz, Farmer with Shotgun (Episode 1), Bulma, & Krillin.
  • Qukai000 - Piccolo.
  • DaimoPiccolo - Editor (Episode 1)

Episode List & Other Information Edit

Episode List Edit

Thumbnail Episode Release Date
DBZAR The 1st Movie [Special] N/A
DBZAR Episode 01 Thumbnail
Episode 01 N/A
DBZAR Episode 02 Thumbnail
Episode 02 N/A
Episode 03 Preview N/A

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