Abridger, Writer, Editor, Voice Actor, Producer

Abridged Series:

Gundam00AS and Galaxy Railways Abridged

Abridging Teams:

CondemnProductions, WeAintHarlockStudios, and TheMegamatonBrigade


History Edit

Joseph Roan known by his pen name Joseph Gravemind or mainly known as DarkKnightGrave is the Creator of the upcoming Galaxy Railways Abridged and Co-Creator of the upcoming Gundam00AS.

Before Abridging Edit

Grave was (and still is) a anime fan that loved to copy VAs voices for fun and enjoyed to make AMVs and writing fiction. After his friend, ScorchingFlames, showed him his first Abridged Series, Team Dattebayo's Death Note Abridged, he became very interested. After watching more abridged series, Grave and Flames decided to make one of their own since Grave could edit and act while Flames helped with writing. They created the production studio named CondemnProductions.

Project Gundam00AS Edit

History not available.

Project Galaxy Railways Abridged Edit

Since Gundam00AS was in production for awhile, DarkKnightGrave decided to enter Hbi2k's GAS Contest. After watching Galaxy Railways for that contest, Grave decided that this show needed abridging. He contacted one of the GAS abridgers, a known as jolonomomo, to help in abridging this series and put this abridged series into production under the studio named WeAintHarlockStudios.

Projects Edit