Voice actor and partial Editor of Dragonball WTF. His roles include:

Dbzuploadz Profile



Specializes in

Video Editing, Voice Acting


  • Tien
  • Yamcha
  • Garlic Jr
  • Semi-Perfect Cell
  • Burter
  • Nappa

Video EditingEdit

Dragonball WTFEdit

DBZUploadz has been the editor of some of the more recent update and skit videos for Dragonball WTF. He also created the Intro for the show.


DBZUploadz began editing in December 09' where he created his first AMV titled "Stronger" (after the song name Trust Company - Stronger) which portrayed Goku's mysterious kaioken powers that followed up to becoming a Super Saiyan, all lead to getting good ratings which pushed him to create his next AMV titled "No Giving Up" which was based all on Gohan. - Still continuing his AMVs, his future work will now reside on his other YouTube account (specifically for AMVs) called "AbsoluteAMV"

Trivia Edit

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