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Death Note: The Abridged Series




02/23/2009 - 10/26/2011




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DN:TAS was a group project by 1KidsEntertainment, Salguy, xJerry64x, WatanukiProductions and xfragileheart. Even though it is a group project, it was not given a group name and is uploaded to 1KidsEntertainment's YouTube account.

The series began to be updated less frequently over time, with a year long gap between episodes 20 and 21, as 1KidsEntertainment and xJerry64x began to focus more on Pokemon The 'Bridged Series. DN:TAS was confirmed to be cancelled in the comments section of episode 20 of Pokemon 'Bridged (released August 26, 2014), with 1Kids citing lack of inspiration as one of the main reasons, as well as being relatively less enjoyable to write for, and having a smaller audience than Pokemon 'Bridged.


  • 1KidsEntertainment - Writer, Director, Co-Founder, Editor, Voice Actor
  • Salguy - Co-Founder, Voice Actor
  • XJerry64x - Voice Actor
  • Xfragileheart - Voice Actor
  • WatanukiProduction - Voice Actor
  • Kirbamon - Editor up to episode 13


The first opening came from the ending sequence of the first season of the show, while the audio was a compiled mix of pieces from the full version of Death Note's season 1 opening, "The WORLD" by Nightmare. LittleKuriboh helped 1Kids develop this opening, which was his third or fourth attempt at a short, simple and fun opening.

The second opening was made by Ezekieru, using the song "Darker Side of Me" by The Veer Union. Ezekieru has been known for his editing work on various abridged series.


  • 1KidsEntertainment - L, Ryuk, Rem, Watari, Assorted extras
  • Salguy - Chief, Aizawa, Ukita
  • xJerry64x - Light (ep. 6+ & Redux episodes), Assorted extras
  • Xfragileheart - Misa Amane
  • WatanukiProduction - Higuchi, Assorted extras
  • TutuOnAbridger - Takada
  • GotHicks - Higuchi
  • MasakoX - Matsuda (ep. 18+)

Guest StarsEdit


Episode Air Date
DN:TAS Episode 1: Pilot Feb 23, 2009
DN:TAS Episode 2: Decline Mar 4, 2009
DN:TAS Episode 3: Eyes Apr 22, 2009
DN:TAS Episode 4: Wall May 6, 2009
DN:TAS Episode 5: Writing May 17, 2009
DN:TAS Episode 6: Stupidity May 31, 2009
DN:TAS Episode 7: Snare Jun 14, 2009
DN:TAS Episode 8: Obvious Jul 4, 2009
DN:TAS Episode 9: Waste Jul 20, 2009
DN:TAS Episode 10: Safety Aug 7, 2009
DN:TAS Episode 11: Fake Aug 19, 2009
DN:TAS Episode 12: Communication Sep 5, 2009
DN:TAS Episode 13: Plotlessness Oct 1, 2009
DN:TAS Episode 14: Bikes Oct 3, 2009
DN:TAS Episode 15: Ladders Nov 12, 2009
DN:TAS Episode 16: Release Dec 9, 2009
DN:TAS Episode 17: Feet Jan 14, 2010
DN:TAS Episode 18: Caught Mar 15, 2010
DN:TAS Episode 19: Ideal May 20, 2010
DN:TAS Episode 20: Confession Oct 5, 2010
DN:TAS Episode 21: Enticement Oct 26, 2011

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