A Dante to the Past
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date 1/13/2009
Length 8:42
Created by SonOfSparda13
Written & Mixed by SonOfSparda13
Episode guide
When You Wish Upon A Mask
Card Games or Bust

Cast Edit

SonOfSparda13 played all the roles.

Music Edit

  • Evil Lurks - Kamitose
  • DMC Arrangement 2 - Rungran
  • Fire - Jimi Hendrix

References Edit

  • James Carville
  • E-Harmony
  • 80085 when entered into a calculator looks like the word "boobs"
  • (4:27) Spiderman
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • (5:31) The Summoning Jutsu is a technique from Naruto.
  • (5:59) Man-bear-pig is from Southpark
  • Billy Joel

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