Devil Trigger Productions

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Members Edit

Crew Edit

  • Creator, Scriptor, and Editor: BossTrigger
  • Co-Scriptor: Dudesky619

Cast Edit

  • BossTrigger - Dante, Sid, Extras
  • FrickNina - Patty, Lady, Trish
  • AntfishFTW - Morrison
  • DeathNoteL12 - Larry the Demon

Featuring Edit

  • XBeetxAbridgedX - Vincent
  • Touketsu - Brad
  • Nowacking - Angelina
  • MasterWGS - TBA
  • Shamanstick - TBA
  • ElementMaster911 - TBA
  • decimator71 - TBA

Project Edit

Devil May Cry Abridged

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