Dokuro-Chan Abridged
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Created By:



Xcaliborg, SaitonoEx, TheMisakiDubs, Sydsnap, NeumanProductions.


9 & 1 Redux

Running Time:

27/09/2010 - Present


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Dokuro-Chan Abridged is a series created by LoliWithAnExcaliborg & SaitonoEx. The series is written by SaitonoEx and LoliWithAnExcaliborg and edited by LoliWithAnExcaliborg. This was LoliWithAnExcaliborg's first series before moving to Denpa Onna, it has finished it's first season.
Dokuro-Chan Abridged Episode 106:27

Dokuro-Chan Abridged Episode 1

Cast (Episode 4 Onwards)Edit

  • Xcaliborg: Sakura, Shizuki, Zansu, Narrator & Extras.
  • SaitonoEx: Miyamoto, Sabato, Teacher, Sampson & Extras.
  • MsHachan: Dokuro (Episode 1-6).
  • StephanieW: Dokuro (Episode 7).
  • TheMisakiDubs: Dokuro (Episode 8 onwards).
  • Sydsnap: Chere, Zakuro, Minami & Extras.


  • OreimoAbridged: Himself.
  • TransformingMorpher: Dodge-Ball Player.
  • NeumanProductions: Himself.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

Episodes Air Date
Episode 1 - Pilot Sep 27, 2010
Episode 2 - Angels...From The Future! N/A
Episode 3 - Referencing FTW! N/A
Episode 4 - Horror Cinema In 3D May 20, 2011
Episode 5 - Sakura The Lifeguard Jul 18, 2011
Episode 1 - REDUX Sep 12, 2011
Episode 6 - Forests Are So Mainstream Oct 5, 2011
Episode 7 - Goodbye Zansu-Chan Feb 23, 2012

Season 2Edit

Episodes Air Date
Episode 8 - Look at that big ole' Stream! Sep 10, 2012
Episode 9 - Worst. Episode. Ever. Apr 18, 2013

Ongoing Jokes:Edit

  • Scene pausing whilst both LoliWithAnExcaliborg & SaitonoEx argue/ discuss the script.
  • Zansu being the main character and having his own channel.
  • Sakura's hate for anything that is of a mainstream variety and Neuman.
  • The obvious death counter.
  • Disregarding the actual plot due to nobody knowing why Dokuro was sent to the past in the first place.
  • Fourth wall breaking.
  • The darker skinned kid being named Sampson and SaitonoEx's dislike of that name.


  • The idea to start this abridged series was due to LoliWithAnExcaliborg watching an AMV based on Dokuro-Chan, then watching the whole series. He liked it and pitched it to SaitonoEx, they began scripting soon after.
  • Sakura's voice was originally based on an impersonation of Ash Ketchum in a live action spoof LWAE made 2 years previous.
  • Miyamoto's voice was based on that same spoof.
  • Zansu was originally going to be played by SaitonoEx, however LWAE decided to take over.
  • Zansu has his own youtube channel in which he posts diary entries every once a month.
  • Shizuki's voice has changed almost 5 times throughout the series. One of those times being a completely different voice actor. (Episode 4)
  • The series is highly based on references to other shows, this is usually when SaitonoEx has a say in the script.
  • Episode 6 is the first episode that had widescreen and a full cast.
  • LoliWithAnExcaliborg's name is derived from the actual anime series.
  • From Episode 7 onwards, Zansu has not updated his diary entries, this is due to him being stuck under the rubble still.
  • Episode 8 reverted back to the normal aspect ratio as well as Dokuro being played by 'TheMisakiDubs'.

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