Dragon's Balls Z is an abridged parody of Dragon ball Z

Created by [IdiotSwim] and uploaded to youtube on MarioRoxBros's account.

Dragon's Balls Z Episode104:43

Dragon's Balls Z Episode1

Episode 1

Name Charecter(s)

kid Gohan,


kid Trunks

BratzAngel249 Bulma
FlorenceLee92 Farmer, Raditz, Vegeta, Nappa, Korin, Yamcha, Zarbon, Burter

Piccolo, Mister Popo, Dadoria, adult Gohan, future Trunks,Master Roshi, Frieza, Oolong, Tien, Editing,scriptiong

VideoGamez11 Goku
VioletPrower ChiChi
CrazyJordan249 Cell, majin Buu, Choutzu, Dabura and krillin

Android 19,

King kai

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