This article is about Cheese Douger's DragonballZ Pie abridged! 

It is rated TVPG, due to no cussing! It makes fun of the names, like Goku saying he doesn't like carrots. Unlike other abridged series where and episode is 5 minutes, episodes get around 3 minutes!

So far, Cheese Douger only plans to do Raditz! He'll add more depending on ratings

cheese Douger makes Raditz explain the history of saiyans, Bardock and more! So the "abridged" series just expands on Raditz by having more Dialoge! 

Running gags: 

  • Raditz and Goku making fun of the saiyan names
  • Krillin making a racist comment
  • Bulma and Gohan making refrences to Twilight
  • Refering to other anime like Naruto and Bleach


  • Episode 1:  Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin have 1 line! 
    DragonballZ Pie- episode 102:31

    DragonballZ Pie- episode 1

    the first episode!

Raditz comes and tells Kakkorot he is a saiyan!

  • Episode 2: History of a Ninja

Raditz will discusse what a saiyan is

  • Episode 3: N/A

Raditz tells part 1 of Bardock

  • Episode 4: N/A

Raditz tells part 2 of Bardock

Disclaimers: Each episode after the first has a character complaining about the disclaimer

  • Episode 2- Raditz says "non-Profit", but fore saying "You can read it your self can't you?"

Opening: Is a quick version of Dragon soul! After the first episode, the theme has a twist to it!

  • Episode 2- Sounds like the chickmunks singing it

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