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eagle8burger is a voice actor, writer, and editor in the abridged community. He is best known for creating Darker Than Black Hyperabridged and for co-creating The Seven Deadly Schmucks.


  • BBAbridged – Creator, writer, editor
  • Darker Than Black Hyperabridged – Creator, writer, editor
  • Ranger Doowop – Creator, writer, editor
  • Bakumatsu MENT! – Creator, writer, editor
  • The Seven Deadly Schmucks – Co-creator, writer, editor
  • Magi: The Abridged Series of Magic – Creator, writer, editor
  • One Punch Mang Abridged Shorts – Co-creator, writer, editor

Selected voice workEdit

  • BBAbridged – Tyson, Grandpa, Cronies, Normal Andrew, Dragoon, Kai, Narrators
  • Darker Than Black Hyperabridged – Hei, Chad, Huang, Jean, Mao, Kouno, Saitou, Matsumoto, Havoc, Horai, Luc, Kurusawa, Alice Wang, Bertha, Yin (1/2), Kirihara (1/2), Extras
  • Ranger Doowop – Spike, Jet
  • MAGI: The Abridged Series of Magic – Alibaba, Extras
  • One Punch Mang Abridged Shorts – Saitama
  • Hunter x Dumber (by BuddyVA) – Hanzo, Milluki
  • Ghost In the Shell Abridged (by Section10) – Bodyguard (ep. 7)
  • Akame ga Kill! Abridged! (by Grimmjack69) – Bulat
  • Bakumatsu MENT! – Ryo, Melissa, Lord Naosuke, Extras
  • Death Note Abridged Parody (by Charleston & bellwarrior) – Chief Yagami, Lind L Tailor, Extras
  • The Seven Deadly Schmucks – Elizabeth, Gilthunder, Extras
  • Kurokami Abridged (by eighttailedfox) – Daichi Kuraki, Extras
  • Gendo and Friends (by mattroks101) – Narrator
  • Parasyte The Maxim Abridged (by PowerMadOtaku) – Mitsuo, Principal (ep. 4)
  • Code Geass: Abridging the Rebellion (by House at a Party) – Extras (ep. 1)
  • Batman Dubs (by EoD) – Clayface (ep. 6)
  • HA x HA (by Earl of Bassington & Coffinjockey) – Bluemin (ep. 3)
  • AssClass – Hiroto Maehara, Extras
  • Attack on Titan in 9 Minutes - Erwin, Pixis

Trivia Edit

  • Was UberdesuVA the whole time

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