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El-Hazard the Abridged Series
Created by Blackflame52489

El-Hazard the Abridged Series - Blackflame52489 Edit

Creation Edit

The idea came from just another lazy afternoon. Loving the series and finding no other El-Hazard Abridged, Blackflame52489 decided to take it and run with it. He has all the episodes ready on his computer and will begin to abridge after he is done with CBBBAbridged which is do to end by Octorber '09.

YouTube username Edit

After the completion of CBBBAbridged, Blackflame52489 will be copying the episodes and movie to this account (not deleting them but just another place to house them) and will have the episodes of EHTAS on the YouTube of BlackflameAbridged

"More info as soon as it's thunk up!" - Blackflame52489

Episode listEdit

Episodes Air Date