Specializes in:


Started Abridging:

November 9, 2010

Completed Abridged Series:


Known For:

Skyward Sword Abridged, the first Crash Bandicoot Abridged series

First Series:

Crash of the Titans

Most Popular Series:

Skyward Sword



Emakentaz is a fairly new abridger (about 2 years) who has so far completed five series.  He is probably best known for creating the first Crash Bandicoot Abridged Series, Crash of the Titans and also Crash Bandicoot (based on the first game).  Besides Crash Bandicoot series, Emakentaz has compleated a Super Mario Abridged Series (based on Super Mario 64), Super Mario Sunshine Abridged, Luigi's Mansion Abridged, and Donkey Kong 64 Abridged.


Currently Emakentaz is working on Skyward Sword Abridged, his most famous series, Super Mario Galaxy, a continuation of Mario's story, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, the teased sequel to the original, Banjo - Kazooie, and Crash Bandicoot: The Abridging of Cortex, a fan favorite.  Emakentaz is also working on a one-shot abridged series of Kingdom Hearts.


On Emakentaz's channel there is a list of abridged series to work on in the future such as A Link Between Worlds and other Zelda Abridged Series.

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