Fruits Basket Abridged is a parody made by Endeverafter4237 & Imphic.It also has a fairly large Voice cast.

The cast (As of January 30th 2010) are.

AngelaCheerOfGaia Tohru Honda.

Imphic Kyo Sohma,Shigure Sohma

Nowacking Kagura Sohma

Endeverafter4237 Yuki Sohma

BlueKurisu Hanajima Saki,Kisa Sohma


Romme175 Momiji Sohma

EffectiveKill Hatori Sohma,Tohru's Grandfather

Winchester24 Akito Sohma,Hatsuharu Sohma,Kazuma Sohma.

The series is written & edited by Imphic. Currently 2 episodes have been released.

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