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Augmented Classmate
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date 9/29/2008
Length 9:55
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Synopsis Edit

Cast Edit

  • BigTUnit1 - Clovis, Milly, Random Fangirl 3, Jeremiah, Suzaku
  • JackCox - Teacher, Nina, News Anchorman
  • Mippa - Shirley, Kallen, Random Fangirl 2
  • Mirielle - Nunally, Random Fangirl 1
  • Rashinban - Lelouch, Rivalz, Bartley, News Reporter
  • LordQuadros - Sayoko
  • Eze - Johnny, myself

Special Guests Edit

Music Edit

References Edit

  • (2:59) -- Freakaziod.

Also See Edit

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