The Cross-reference and the... French?
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date 5/3/2009
Length 7:26
Created by Ezekieru
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Cast Edit

  • BigTUnit1: Suzaku, Jeremiah
  • Mippa: C.C., Cecile, Villetta, Kallen, Shirley
  • Mirielle: Nunnally, Cornelia
  • Rashinban: Lelouch, Lloyd, Soldier 1
  • LordQuadros: Arthur, Kewell
  • Cassius614: Euphie (Euphemia)
  • Ezekieru: Soldier 2 (JYG)

Special Thanks Edit

  • KaiserNeko -- SFX
  • Risark -- mecha SFX and editing advice.

Music Edit

References Edit

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