Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged
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Created by Takahata101
Run September 3, 2015 - Present
Episodes 11
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Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged (abbreviated as FF7:MA) is a abridged series by TeamFourStar based on the classic PlayStation RPG Final Fantasy VII, created by Takahata101 (Curtis Arnott) and Antfish (Anthony Sardinha). The series is a comical take on the original game's story, which revolves around Cloud Strife and the crew of AVALANCHE as they fight to save the world from total destruction. It first premiered on YouTube on September 3, 2015.


Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged was first announced on Team Four Star's Podcast 24 on May 25, 2015. The project was greenlit the previous summer after Takahata101 and a few other TFS members put together a teaser to gauge interest.[1] The series premiered with two episodes on Team Four Star's website on September 3, with every following episode released every two weeks; each episode following the first was uploaded to YouTube one week later. A second season premiered on October 27, 2017.

The series' initial reception was generally lukewarm, with some considering FF7:MA to be inferior to the already-existing Final Fantasy VII: Abridged in terms of humor and characterization. Most of the show's praise went to its prolific voice cast, which includes professional talent such as Sarah Ann Williams (Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Sword Art Online, Kill la Kill), Kira Buckland (Accel World, Dangan Ronpa 2, Tales of Zestria), and Xander Mobus (Super Smash Bros. 4). Later episodes were more positively received, their level of quality compared to that of Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z Abridged towards the end of its first season.


FF7:MA is produced by a separate division of the team that works on other projects such as Dragon Ball Z Abridged, allowing them to be produced more quickly.[2] It is made in a machinima style, using edited gameplay and cutscene footage from Final Fantasy VII with added effects such as lip movements.

Takahata101 works as the series writer, producer, and showrunner, while Antfish was brought on as co-writer and project manager, and MasakoX as editor. It also features original animations and illustrations by Stephan Krosecz, most of which spoof the in-game character portraits.[1]

AinSophAur produced the series' musical score by remixing the game's original tracks by Nobuo Uematsu.[1] The intro theme, a remix of Final Fantasy VII's main theme, was created by TheLivingTombstone. An album collection of the first season's soundtrack, titled "Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged – Midgar Mix", was released on April 22, 2016.[3]

Whereas DBZA's episodes are written and produced individually, FF7:MA's first season was completely scripted before its release, marking the first time TFS has attempted to produce an entire batch of episodes at once.[1]


  • Name means an important/major recurring character
Cast Member Characters
Justin Briner Cloud Strife
Sarah Ann Williams Tifa Lockhart
Anthony "Antfish" Sardinha Barret Wallace, Soldier 2 (ep. 4), Giuseppe
Kira "Rina-chan" Buckland Aerith Gainsborough
Curtis "Takahata101" Arnott Red XIII, Vincent Valentine, Reno, Giuseppe's Son
Courtney "Mystic Pyro Freak" Williams Yuffie Kisaragi
Nick "Lanipator" Landis Cait Sith/Mog, Reeve Tuesti

Also featuringEdit

(in order of appearance)

  • James "EpicGameMusic" Ronald as Guard (ep. 1)
  • Chris "Kirbopher15" Niosi as Biggs
  • Jessi "Nowacking" Nowack as Jessie
  • Chris Zito as Wedge
  • David "ShockDingo" Dixon as Soldiers (ep. 1)
  • Nathan "NateWantsToBattle" Sharp as Zack Fair
  • Monty Glu as Shinra Security PA (ep. 1)
  • Corinne "Megami33" Sudberg as Marlene Wallace
  • Lyle McDouchebag as Tom Lastastaname (News Anchor)
  • Zach Holzman as Subway Passenger (ep. 3)
  • Brett Weaver as Bar Customer (ep. 3), Jim (ep. 10)
  • Graham Stark as President Shinra
  • ShinigamiEater as Soldier 1 (ep. 4)
  • Sandra "DustyOldRoses" Espinoza as Elmyra Gainsborough
  • PurpleEyesWTF as Doorguy (eps. 5, 6)
  • Tyson Rinehart as Drug Store Owner (eps. 5, 6)
  • Chris "GeneralIvan" Guerrero as Bropollo
  • Edward Bosco as Wrestler 1 (ep. 5), Tifa's Dad
  • Xander Mobus as Wrestler 2 (ep. 5), Rufus Shinra
  • YamatoSFX as Receptionist (ep. 6)
  • Tomamoto as Don Corneo
  • Ty "Aramek" Konzak as Heidegger
  • Scott "KaiserNeko" Frerichs as Tseng
  • Lawrence "MasakoX" Simpson as Stabby (ep. 8)
  • Jessica Calvello as Ifalna (Aerith's Mom)
  • Monica Franco as Secretary (ep. 8)
  • Amber Lee "ShudoRanmaru" Connors as Scarlet
  • Ben "Hbi2k" Creighton as Palmer
  • Edwyn "Omahdon" Tiong as Professor Hojo
  • DasBoSchitt as Assistant (ep. 9)
  • Marc Swint as Rude
  • Mike "Ovarku" Varker as Sephiroth
  • Hiyabusa as Pilot (ep. 10)
  • Faulerro as Ramirez
  • Karma Nikhad as Zangan
  • Marissa Lenti as Cloud's Mom, Doctor (ep. 13)
  • Fred Wood as Photographer (ep. 11)
  • Jordan Woollen as Monster (ep. 11), Marching Director (ep. 14)
  • Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug as Choco Bill
  • BohBurr as Choco Billy, Sailor (ep. 14)
  • Morgan Berry as Elena
  • ElieMonty as Priscilla
  • Steven Kelly as Old Man (ep. 13)
  • Elsie Lovelock as Old Woman (ep. 13)
  • Kamran Nikhad as Commander (ep. 13)
Additional voices
  • Rob Kersey
  • Joshua Key
  • Anthony Sardinha
  • Kimlinh Tran
  • Mike Varker
  • Jordan Wollen


  • Cloud Strife (voiced by Justin Briner): Unlike the apathetic loner seen in the game, FF7:MA's version of Cloud is a whiny pushover who gets entangled in AVALANCHE's acts of terrorism against his will. Even though he tries to act tough by bringing up his service in SOLDIER time and again, he has little sensibility in battle beyond swinging his Buster Sword at his enemies, and he is prone to "fucking up" even the simplest of tasks. He does demonstrate the occasional bout of competence, however, and he grows more of a backbone against his allies' insults over time. He is mistaken for a woman or a cross-dresser in several episodes, helped in no small part by his one-time instance of wearing a dress.
  • Barret Wallace (voiced by Anthony "Antfish" Sardinha): Barret is more or less unchanged as the short-fused, foul-mouthed leader of AVALANCHE with a soft spot for his "baby girl" Marlene, though his angry outbursts are much more over-the-top. He gets fed up with his teammates easily, particularly Cloud, whom he keeps a close eye on so he doesn't "fuck up" their missions. Among the other things he can't stand are racism, criticism towards his arm-gun, and fighting the many giant robots they meet in the first season. He gets along famously with Red XIII, his "talking dog best friend" that he wanted since he was a kid.
  • Tifa Lockhart (voiced by Sarah Ann Williams): In stark contrast to the kindhearted woman she is from the game, the Tifa featured in FF7:MA is the definition of a bitch: irritable, crass, immature, and mentally unstable. She has a history of tricking Cloud into doing "solids" for her, many of which wind up jeopardizing his well-being one way or another. In fact, the whole reason he gets roped in with AVALANCHE is thanks to Tifa. Despite this, she genuinely believes she is acting in Cloud's best interests, and tries to come to his aid as needed.
  • Aerith Gainsborough (voiced by Kira "Rina-chan" Buckland): Aerith's innocence and naivete are played up to the point where she comes across as a ditzy womanchild who treats friends and foes alike with kindness and forgiveness, and is oblivious to whatever danger she may be in. The only one who doesn't get this treatment is Tifa, whom Aerith actively despises out of jealousy towards her relationship with Cloud. She is sometimes called "Aeris" after her name's original spelling; even her introductory naming screen flip-flops over how to spell her name.
  • Red XIII (voiced by Curtis "Takahata101" Arnott): Red XIII is nothing like the fierce yet intelligent warrior he is in the game, appearing instead as an incredibly friendly yet simple-minded cat/dog thing (no one can tell whether he's one or the other). He was caught by Shinra while napping and used as a frequent subject in Professor Hojo's perverted cross-breeding experiments, which inexplicably gave him the ability to speak. He gets along well with AVALANCHE, especially Barret, who always dreamed of having a talking dog best friend of his very own.
  • Yuffie Kisaragi (voiced by Courtney "Mystic Pyro Freak" Williams): Playing off of her already existent in-game personality traits, Yuffie is the same young, headstrong kleptomaniac that she appears to be in the actual game. But these traits are turned up to eleven! She will break her ninja persona by yelling "Surprise attack!" when ambushing her victims usually leading to her getting quickly knocked out. She joins Cloud's party when she offers her services to track down where the Turks are headed, which Cloud accepts because Red XIII was too stoned at the time to be of any help. Barret finds her presence "optional at best."
  • Sephiroth (voiced by Mike "Ovarku" Varker): Although he has only made minor appearances in the series thus far, Sephiroth is portrayed almost identically to how he is seen in the game: a nightmarish force of evil with little to no humor surrounding his acts of horrific violence.
  • Hojo (voiced by Edwyn "Omahdon" Tiong): As he is depicted in the games, Hojo is the inhumane mad scientist and head of the Shinra Co.'s science division. FF7:MA's Hojo exhibits little divergence from his game counterpart. He speaks in a refined, but condescending manner, even to his fellow Shinra executives and seems to be slightly more irritable than his game counterpart. His insanity is further emphasized as having, in his own words, a fetish towards breeding different organisms while watching and recording the spectacle, which he very earnestly expresses when he tried to breed Aerith and Red XIII, much to the disgust of Cloud, Tifa and Barret. He proudly expresses taking part in this depravity "all day, every day", mentioning that failed products of said breeding are flushed down the toilet (which explains the presence of Apps in the sewers that Cloud, Aerith and Tifa encountered after escaping from Don Corneo).
  • President Shinra (voiced by Graham Stark): Much like his game counterpart; President Shinra is the unscrupulous head of the Shinra Power Company. He speaks is a slow, calm voice with very formal vocabulary and with a noticeable southern twang. This iteration has an tendency for using metaphors, such as referring to members of AVALANCHE as "rats", his profits and property as his "cheese", the robot Air Buster as "a brass bar" (as in the mechanism of a mousetrap). Metaphors are so much a part of his character that he supposedly used them even in his final conversation with Sephiroth before being impaled. In FF7:MA President Shinra is the cousin of Palmer and the uncle to the front door receptionist to Shinra headquarters.
  • Heidegger (Ty "Aramek" Konzak): Heidegger, the Shinra head of security, much like his game counterpart, is a cruel and condescending personality who delights in tormenting others, particularly his fellow executive Reeve over his moral and financial disagreements with the other execs. Ironically, despite being head of security, Heidegger, according to Reeve, and even confirmed by Heidegger himself, has caused a noticeable dent in Shinra Co's budget due to bribes paid by the company to dismiss his sizeable assault charges, to the point that if someone refuses the company bribes, he assaults the people being bribed. Reeve has coined this behavior as the "Assault Spiral".
  • Scarlet (voiced by Amber Lee "ShudoRanmaru" Connors): Like her game counterpart, Scarlett comes off as a pompous and arrogant head of Shinra Power Company's weapons development division. She, like all the other executives, delights in insulting and demeaning Reeve, whom she apparently had sex with.
  • Palmer (voiced by Ben "Hbi2k" Creighton): Palmer is depicted as an overeager, to the point of childishness, head of "space exploration and all the cool space stuff" of Shinra Power Company, who is borderline obsessed with outer space. He turns out as a huge drain on Shinra's budget for his activity in "buying spaces", an activity that he describes in detail as making a telescope with one's hands, looking up at the night sky, the bit of space visible being "one space", after which he takes 1 billion gil (which, according to him is what a space costs) for each space and burns it, the smoke apparently delivering the payment to space itself. He is President Shinra's cousin, thus making him Rufus Shinra's uncle, and his daughter works as the front door receptionist of Shinra headquarters.
  • Reeve (voiced by Nick "Lanipator" Landis): Much like his game countepart; Reeve, the head of Shinra's urban development team, is the sole morally grounded executive in the Shinra Power Company, audibly objecting to President Shinra's plans on killing AVALANCHE by dropping an entire portion of Midgar on top of the Sector 7 slums and having to make note of how much resources the company wastes in regards to its executives' investments. All the other executives demean him over his empathy towards Midgar's citizens.


Season 1Edit

Image Episode Air Date
FF7MA01 Episode 1 September 3, 2015
FF7MA02 Episode 2 September 3, 2015
FF7MA03 Episode 3 September 17, 2015
FF7MA04 Episode 4 October 1, 2015
FF7MA05 Episode 5 October 15, 2015
FF7MA06 Episode 6 October 29, 2015
FF7MA07 Episode 7 November 12, 2015
FF7MA08 Episode 8 November 26, 2015
FF7MA09 Episode 9 December 10, 2015
FF7MA10 Episode 10 December 24, 2015

Season 2Edit

Image Episode Air Date
FF7MA11 Episode 11 October 27, 2017
FF7MA12 Episode 12 November 3, 2017
FF7MA13 Episode 13 November 10, 2017
FF7MA14 Episode 14 November 17, 2017


  • This is Team Four Star's fourth abridged series after Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, and Attack on Titan Abridged. It also marks their first abridged series not based on an anime series.
  • Team Four Star's logo (the Four-Star Dragon Ball) is hidden within the FF7:MA logo.
  • Most of the voice actors are credited by their real names, not just their online usernames.
  • In episode 1, Cloud says that no one likes squalls, a reference to the fandom rivalry between Cloud and Final Fantasy VIII's protagonist Squall Leonhart.
  • Marlene is 8 years old in FF7:MA. In the original game, she is 4.
  • Palmer (the space-obsessed Shinra executive) is depicted as President Shinra's cousin and Rufus's uncle. There is nothing to suggest he is related to the Shinra family in the original game.
  • Several names are pronounced differently than they are in the games (e.g., Mako as "MAY-ko" rather than "MAH-ko", which is addressed in episode 11).
  • "Midgar Mix" was the first soundtrack album Team Four Star released for one of their series.


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