Final Fantasy XII Abridged



Youtube page

Creation date

October 28, 2009

Number of Episodes

2 (As of March 2010)

An abridged series created by ChadVision. A "Turn based comedy involving Japanese melodrama, random battles, and teenagers who are going to save the world," Final Fantasy XII Abridged is a series that revolves around the heroic Vaan, who wants to become a pirate. Hilarity ensues.

The famed and highly respected NAPIEWOCKI recreated episode 1 of this series. It is now canon.


DruoxTheShredder as Vaan, The Rogue Tomato, Migelo, The Unnamed Arabic Man, and Girugameshi.

LordMoonstone as Vayne and The Colored Mage.

pandoraherself as Penelo.

ChadVision as Basch, Tomaj, Reks, Rassler, and Wedge.

Master WGS as Larsa and Flanipator.

Nisinator1 as Biggs.

purpleeyeswtf as Judge Ghis.

SamTheGreek as Judge Zargabaath.

Unwardil (or Maybe BossTrigger) as Gabranth

CardboardLawyer as The Lawyer.

Shinigami1300 as Kytes.

NAPIEWOCKI as TheFourteenthNumber

HappySqueak as Ash Ketchum.

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