Jesse James




Webster, New York

Specializes in

Sonic the Hedgehog


FireGXLOL was once a parody voice over dubber of Sonic the Hedgehog related content. Some of his influences are MugiMikey and Mardic. He's achieved 1,000 subscribers and regularly teamed up with other parody artists.

EBS One Piece Abridged Edit

Jesse was one of the founding members of East Blue Studios along side MugiMikey and TheVacher. Jesse was originally going to play Zoro, Sanji and Franky, but when Takahata101 joined the project, he gained all the major roles originally signed to Jesse, causing him to quit the project, and EBS. Unfortunately, only four episodes were ever made for EBS OP Abridged, and none are available for viewing anymore.

FireGXLOL's Sonic X Abridged Edit

He originally planned an 11 episode Sonic X Abridged series featuring both Mardic and MugiMikey along other guests such as SonicSonc182, but after two episodes, FireGXLOL discontinued working on the series for unknown reasons. Both episodes have since been put on private and are unavailable to view.

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