Cast Edit

  • hbi2k
  • Cassius614 - Guan Yin

Special Guest Edit

  • AngelElric -- Microsoft Tech Support, Sadako

Music Edit

  • The Raising Fighting Spirit -- Naruto OST
  • The Great -- Big O OST
  • I'm a Believer -- Smash Mouth
  • I'm a Believer -- Monkees
  • Rap is the Soul of a Man! -- Gurren Lagann OST
  • The Funeral -- Greg Edmonson
  • Big Balls -- ACDC

References Edit

  • () -- Saiyuki
  • (2:48 - 2:51) -- Refers to a Buddhist saying, paraphrased here, If you see Buddha standing on the side of the road, kill him for he is not the real Buddha. The real Buddha walks along aside with us.

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