This article is about the parody series known as Gurren Lagann: The Satire, which has two different incarnations currently (both by Semisoma1 aka TheAzureCrow).

Gurren Lagann: the Satire
Gurren Lagann satire title block




07/25/2009 - present




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Cast Edit

First Incarnation Cast Edit

  • Semisoma1 (TheAzureCrow) - Script Writer, Editor, Simon Giha, Kamina Giha, Lerron Littner, Yoko Littner, Kittan Bachika, Nia Teppelin, Dyakka Littner, Giha Chief, Mugens, & Others/Extras.
  • Kirtro - Viral, Rassiou, Makken, Guame The Immovable, & extras.
  • Nowacking - Adine The Elegant.
  • Sarifus - Guinble Kaito.
  • Squeaky93 - Leite Jokin, & Cybela.

Second Incarnation Cast Edit

  • Semisoma1 (TheAzureCrow) - Script Writer, Editor, Simon Giha, Kamina Giha, Giha Chief, Lerron Littner, Viral, Beastmen, & Others/Extras.
  • Ariel Hansen - Yoko Littner.
  • JR Lindstrom - Dyaka Littner.
  • Ken Tynan - Littner Villagers, Beastman Commander (Chapter 1, Act II).

First Incarnation Episode List Edit

Each episode in Chapters 1 & 2 is focused about a "daily lesson", narrated by Simon. Starting with Chapter 3 (after the time-skip) it switches to a pattern of "daily judgements" by Rassiou.

Chapter 1Edit

Episode Air Date
Act I - Bro!!

Today's Lesson: Kamina is f*cking crazy

Jul 25, 2009
Act II - Beastmen!

Today's Lesson: Kamina is thick-headed as all hell

Jul 28, 2009
Act III - Naked Ape!!

Today's Lesson: Kamina is one lucky bastard

Aug 1, 2009
Act IV - Children!!

Today's Lesson: The world is filled with jerks, but Kamina is the jerkiest of them all

Act V - The Capital!

Today's Lesson: It's never a boring day with Kamina around

Act VI - Showdown of Manliness!

Today's Lesson: Kamina is dead sexy


Chapter 2Edit

Episode Air Date
Act VII - Princess!!

Today's Lesson: Without Kamina, Life is Uneventful

Act VIII - Generals!!

Today's Lesson: I'm never going to let Bro's memory die

Act IX - Reclaim Stolen Freedom!!

Today's Lesson: Kamina is f*cking crazy


Chapter 3Edit

Episode Air Date
Act X - Tetris!

Today's judgement: Simon isn't a very dedicated leader

Act XI - Exposition!!!

Today's judgement: Simon needs to control his hormones

Feb 11, 2011
Act XII - Politics!!!

Today's judgment: Simon is being strangely passive about [being arrested]

Mid 2011
Act XIII - Decisions!!!

Today's judgement: Gotta know how to hit 'em where it hurts

Aug 3, 2012

Second Incarnation Episode List Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

Episodes Air Date
Act I - Bro!

A tale of passion! Brotherhood! Giant robots, giant swords, Yoko's bikini! A true epic!

Mar 13, 2016
Act II - Beastmen!

A man's destiny unwinds in front of his eyes, littered with giant mecha, guns and defiant pontification.

Mar 15, 2016
Act III - Rival!

Slamming together fate and determination this man sets sight on the enemy in front of him, and crushes it in his grasp. There were robots involved.

May 04, 2016
Act IV -

Common ThemesEdit

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