MegaLagann's Gurren Lagann Abridged






This is an abridged series created by MegaLagann

History Edit

MegaLagann's account was opened on June 15th 2009, the first episode of gurren lagann the abridged series was uploaded 10 days later. The series gained recognition and soon a small fan base, soon other abridgers joined the show like Zeromaster and Wraith10. After the third episode MegaLagann decided to take a hiatus on the show due to being burned out, but has said to continue it sometime in May of 2010.

Episodes Edit

1. Burst through the heavens with your sham-wow!

2. Grand Theft Gunman

3. Those who hunt beastmen

DrawOSD 2013-06-11 12-05-20
Well at least this one is.
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