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IvanMan64 is a parodist, writer, and voice actor in the abridging community, mainly working with the group MorningRamen and their Naruto Abridged series. (MorningRamen's Naruto Abridged)




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History Edit

IvanMan64 (Real Name: Ivan ManSixtyFour) began pursuing a career in online voice-overs since October of 2015. His main goal was to star in an abridged series with the hopes of it reaching popularity with the likes of TeamFourStar or LittleKuriboh. (In a sense, his dream was the same as most others on the internet, making money without actually being creative.) His first encounter with MorningRamen was with his auditions on their (now defunct) One Punch Man Abridged. He then got into talks with MorningRamen co-creator Whipmed after being casted, who then cast him as Hiruzen Sarutobi in MorningRamen's Naruto Abridged. He also plays video games on YouTube and some stupid shit idk.

Roles Edit

Obito Abridged -- Obito's Grandma

Abridged Eleven! (Inazuma Eleven: One-Shot Parody) -- Edge

Bleach Abridged Series -- Sosuke Aizen

MorningRamen's Naruto Abridged -- Might Guy, Hiruzen Sarutobi/Third Hokage, Iruka Umino, Gatoh

Full Metal Alchemist Abridged (WARM Entertainment) -- Roy Mustang

Super Stevensons - Narrator

Trivia Edit

  • Despite popular belief, IvanMan64 and Whipmed have never actually had anal sex... yet!
  • He is an avid fan of professional wrestling, more specifically, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
  • Most people who personally know Ivan know he has a sometimes odd affinity for Wednesdays.
  • Despite him being a part of MorningRamen, Naruto is actually not Ivan's favorite anime, that role is filled by Highschool DxD.
  • If you ever shout the phrase "GRAND DAD!" in front of Ivan, he will immediately be forced by his subconscious to follow that by yelling "FLEENSTONES?!"

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