Junjou Abridged
Junjou Abridged

Created By:


Voice Actors:

BonkuriTokio112 xXxShuichiXEirixXx yaoilover1357

Episode so far:


Running Time:


Episodes range from 6-10 minutes so far.



Series Opening theme:

Season 1:Deep Mentality: From Persona 3, Honeybear: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Season 2:Beating Hearts Baby:Head Automatica

Junjou Abridged Edit

An abridged series of the yaoi anime Junjou Romantica. Refered to only as "Junjou abridged" on YouTube. Currently in progress, it is the first yaoi series to have more then 1 episode. It was supposed to only be a one-shot, but after getting good reviews, The creator confirmed it would be made a full abridged series and that all of the actual anime episodes would be abridged.

Common Jokes Edit

Misaki's Sexuality

Usagi raping Misaki

Misaki's lack of friends.

Hiroki's voice.

Usagi's pedobears.


Video's on Bonkuritokio112's account were victim to copyright infringement, and subsequently had his Youtube account deleted recently.