This article is about the group known as Just5Guys.

5guys icon

Founded on

April 8th 2008


  • K-ON! TAS
  • Gurren Lagann The Abridged Movie
  • Youtube Page

    Youtube back-up

    History Edit

    Asides from abridging K-On, the group was originally planning on doing a Seitokai No Ichizon parody (or an abridged) afterwards, but plans fell through as the original channel was lost due to copyright issues.

    Due to personal reasons, original member known simply as Toaster had left the group due to unknown reasons, assumed as personal, but details were never really given out to the public, forcing Knightshade04 to replace him.

    MidnightDevont is considered to be a side member of the group, making her the only female member of Just5Guys.

    Members Edit

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