In 2008, Kendall916 started out on YouTube and attempted some abridge writings for Blood Plus Abridged. She is a non-Union Voice Over that loves to lend her voices on various non-profit projects for online publication and content distribution. Since that time, she has been a part of some abridging groups and Star Trek fan productions.

Abridging Groups Edit

Kendall916 has been an active member of Youtube Abridging group TeamAARU since 2008.

Voiced In Edit

Darkwolflade7's Kiss X Sis Abridge (TV & OVA)

  • Suminoe, Ako
  • Suminoe, Riko
  • Kiryuu, Mikazuki
  • Kiryuu, Yuuzuki 
  • Mikuni, Miharu

Black Note (TeamAARU)

  • Amane, Misa (Future Episodes)

Seikon no qwaser (TeamAARU)

  • Yamanobe, Tomo

Ladies vs. Butlers (TeamAARU)

  • Shikikagami, Sanae

Codename: Sailor V (Sechelf)

  • Hikaru
  • Artemis

Star Trek: Absolution (Caithlin Ferrarah)

  • Episode 1 - The Galaxy Just Got Smaller
    • Lt. Sito/Cara
  • Episode 2 - The Galaxy Just Got Smaller II
    • Lt. Sito/Cara

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