Jamieson NTKX(would rather keep the last name quiet)









Jamieson NTKX, formerly known as NeoToxicKittenX for quite sometime before his account was terminated, is an amateur abridger in every sense of the word. He is an amateur in voice acting, filmmaking, video editing, and scripting. Overall, he's a darkhorse and an unknown within the abridging community.

He is currently using his back-up account entitled: KuroNekoSox.


  • He is the co-founder of Team Sexy Angels, an brand new abridging group.

Other then that: nothing.

Projects + Roles:Edit

His own projects:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Nigh Impossible -Rarity, Princess Celestia, Big McIntosh

Mouretsu Pirates TAS - Marika Kato; Chiaki Kurihara

Queen's Blade TAS - Director; Airi; Narrator

Dangan Ronpa TAS -Celestia Ludenberg; Aoi Asahina; Naegi Mikoto; Monokuma; Kirigiri Kyouko; Junko Enoshima; Touko Fukawa/Genocyder Syo; Mukuro Ikusaba

Outside Roles:

TEAMDragonSlayers Fairy Tail Abridged: Aquarius; Laxus


  • He loves cats, despite a family member being allergic
  • He is currently majoring in film at University.
- He is currently working on a documentary
  • He is a fan of TeamFourStar, LittleKuriboh, and a whole slew of other abridgers.
  • He is a good photographer, and pretty decent at with Photo editing.
  • He is easily amused, and interested in trying new things.
  • He has a speech impediment

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