Kuroshitsuji Abridged Parody

Kuroshitsuji Abridged Parody

The Kuroshitsuji Abridged Parody is an abridged series for the anime Kuroshitsuji, also known as Black Butler. It was created by Keybladekid1245 and Fantasyrhia.

The series is posted on YouTube and Abridged Underground. Releases are about 2 weeks apart(1 week for editing + 1 week for scripting and voicing), unless there are problems.

Project is currently on Hiatus.


  • Keybladekid1245 - Ciel, Finny
  • DeidaraFangirl3579 - Sebastian
  • Fantasyrhia - Grell, Italian Guy (Episode 1)
  • YukiAnimeOtaku - Elizabeth, Meilin, Random Voice
  • BladeBlur - Bard
  • Kyol - Lau
  • NarutoLuvsBleach19 -William

Editing: Keybladekid1245 (She Currently uses Sony Vegas Pro 8.0)

Scripting:Keybladekid1245 & Fantasyrhia

Former CastEdit

  • JakatoX - Bard, Lau
  • Fantasyrhia 23:20, January 29, 2010 (UTC)

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